Jewellery, Weekend Projects

She took me by her hand and tried to fit me on framing nails, flooring nails, roofing nails and all the specialty nails in her drawer. I did not fit. I was embarrassed at my miniature physique and felt  that all the nails were laughing at me. I was holding back tears, pretending to be strong; strong for her. There was no one who looked like me. I was upset, not because I had no companion, but I was oblivious of my very existence. All I remembered was her warm embrace and subtle aroma of white Florals.

She left me in the drawer and closed the lid. It was dark and I was afraid. My heart was pounding so fast that I could throw up anytime. I closed my eyes tightly and said a prayer to help her remember, help me remember where I belong.

Those were the longest two minutes I ever had in my life. The drawer opened once again and there she was; leaning; searching. Her smile lifted my spirits. This was the first time I saw her Moorish eyes. She was holding something in her left hand. It was an oval white pearl with a sharp pin. I was afraid to face embarrassment all over again, but her gleaming eyes gave me hope. She gently placed me at the top of the pin and turned me around and around and around. I cried out with joy. I had finally met my soul.

She smiled and turned me again, this time in the other direction. I was confused; I wanted to stay. It was my destiny. I was losing patience as she put me back into the drawer. She carefully held the white pearl in her right hand and pushed it gently through her ear piercing. Once she had a firm grip, she picked me up, placed me on top of the pin, from behind her ear this time and started winding me in. I remember now that this is where I belong. I am not an ordinary screw, but I am a special, the one to keep the pearl safe, to keep her safe.