The Interview

The Interview, Weekend Projects
Business agreement handshake at coffee shop

Business agreement handshake at coffee shop

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?, I asked

I see myself as an Architect, she replied.

She was tall, young, confident with a slight lisp, but detailed to the extent of a scientist. She was reverse engineering for the report we had presented to her and come up with a high level abstraction for our system. She stared at the drawing board wrote her goal and started drawing backwards.

As she was rationalizing her decisions, I was drifted away to the time when my father would help me solve my mathematical problems.

I was good in mathematics, but if I was unable to answer the first few of his questions, he would quickly move to the previous chapter and then another and then a few more. If I was unable to answer his questions on problems presented in the first chapter, he would move back to the previous grade and this went on until we hit rock bottom. He would then help me solve one problem at a time until we reached our goal.

I hated when he did that, but I never forgot that a firm foundation is the basis of growth in any field.

Are you happy with your design?

Yes, she answered.

Is there any room for improvement?

Perhaps I can do “X”

Do you think “X” will help?

It might not be significant, but then I can couple it with “Y”

The spark of interest had lit up her eyes and she wanted more and more. She was not just rationalizing, but had started questioning her decisions from the interviewer’s perspective. The room was filled with wild energy. Oblivious to the nature of the systems we are handling, she was solving real life problem faced by our team. She was presenting a perspective which we had missed and we were driven by her innocence and passion to solve it with grace.

And the interview went on.

Would you like to work here? I asked

Absolutely, yes!

There was no one in the room who would have thought otherwise.