Be your own Shrink

Weekend Projects

whyI was listening to the audio book “Start with Why”, by Simon Sinek earlier today and I came up with the idea to examine every decision I make today. Perhaps it might exemplify my inherent virtues.

I went for an approximately 10km jog today. Why?

The step challenge on my “Garmin” watch reminded me that I am 10,000 steps short for my week. I didn’t want to craft another excuse to rationalize my failure so, I geared up and went for one. I also knew that if I wear my gear and shut the door behind me, I will easily surpass the desired score.

Monitoring is the key and gold stars feed the upholders* like me.

I called my parents. Why?

I call them every other day, but today is a holiday so I thought of calling them a bit earlier, not at our regular hour. Maybe hear from my mother what is she cooking for lunch? Did I tell you, she has magic in her fingers. She can come up with a wonderful dish even when there is nothing in the house. And it was true today as well. She had varied vegetables that can’t be mixed together. But, she prepared a thick flour batter with the greens and fried them to prepare an aromatic curry. I was drooling when I heard the recipe.

Relationships are important, especially with your parents. In one way or the other we all try to emulate what we love the most.

I declined a friend’s request to watch a movie today. Why?

The reviews are good and there are very few in a year that are worth the trip to the theatre. Most importantly, I like the protagonist. The plot is great, but I am a bit tired after the early morning jog. I wanted to get some rest. I scheduled it for another day.

Exercising is important and so is recovery. I like to hang out with my friend, but sometimes my selfish desires -recovery in this case, takes control. 

I changed the setting of my room. Why?

It’s just refreshing. There is not much furniture in my room, but I like to rotate it once in a while. Clutter magically disappears and it feels like I have entered a whole new place.

I like to have a decent amount of cleanliness around me and might have an inclination towards interior design.

I’m enjoying this game of playing shrink. Let’s listen to the remaining half of the book. I might discover another secret.

*read about the upholders in the book Four Tendencies, by Gretchen Rubin