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child holding balloons standing in front of fantasy storm,illustration painting

child holding balloons standing in front of fantasy storm,illustration painting

As a developer, I have written several programs varying in technology, complexity, scope, platforms, etc. I studied the scope and build the logic to satisfy every permutation and combination of the known scenarios. I was also aware of the potential vulnerabilities and did my best to cover all known grounds. I would rate myself pretty good, but there was always more to be done when the code touched the hands of Testing Nazi’s.

As a test analyst, all my energies were channeled into breaking that damn (pardon my French) piece of code. Not here to gloat, but I managed that quite well too. When I stepped on to this side of the arena the dynamics of the game had changed. The little things that were so hard to remember as a developer were my bread and butter. A simple navigation in different browsers and I could easily report double digit issues.

I wonder, which category does a hacker falls into?

A hackers dream is to write an algorithm that beats the security of NASA or Defense or perhaps any Bank. A cent doesn’t hurt anyone and one cent from all over the world from billions of accounts, Voila!! I don’t even know where to start counting. One of the ransomware that could spread to other hosts on the same network was “WannaCry” -a clever amalgamation of words chosen to create a notorious identity. I believe it certainly made many people cry. When the intention is to hurt someone that’s where the subject takes a turn into the dark alley.

I wonder if the passion of hackers can be sublimated into Artificial Intelligence and create a whole new arena of skilled jobs. Maybe their research can find a cure for fatal diseases or not so fatal, but comfort those living on the edge.