Honey! A writer must be READ

Weekend Projects

I was watching the movie “The Wife” based on the novel by Meg Wolitzer where this quote was a piece of an advice from one writer to another “Honey! A writer must be read” instead of the common notion that a writer must write. This made me think that it is the audience that feeds the beast (in this context the mind of the writer).

Without an appreciation, how long do you think a writer would last.


We all crave for small doses of appreciation every day.

“Thank you”, I bet you love to hear this magic word from your neighbor, for whom you held the elevator door earlier today. The elderly couple to whom you gave directions. The cashier to whom you returned the extra cash when he miscalculated the balance for you. The lady for whom you lifted the box of corn flakes from the top shelf of the retail store.

I do believe that we all keep ourselves in check from being swayed by flattery.

But, what about the absence of appreciation? Is this more harmful than flattery? Do you think we can lose talent merely to the lack of acknowledgement and appreciation?