Digital Footprint

Weekend Projects

apps-blur-button-267350.jpgIs your wife expecting soon?, I asked my friend

Yes, she is. How do you know?

Were you researching about epidurals?

Yes, I was. But how did you know? We haven’t spoken for ages.

Well, this was a conversation I had recently with my friend and yes, his wife was expecting. Congratulations to both for being blessed with a healthy baby.

Unbeknown to him, his research left a digital footprint and I stumbled upon it. You must have noticed any search or research on google results in an overwhelming advertisement in your promotions or social mailbox. Does google learn about you from you? What about Facebook? Does it perform behavioral analysis behind the scenes? Is this leading to some form of data analysis? What is really data analytics?

Perhaps, unraveling the mystery behind copious data is called data analytics. Data has become an invaluable possession. It beholds the secret of demand and supply.

For businesses, it is a powerhouse. What about politics? Do we leave digital footprints that lay down the grounds for gerrymandering?

What if I don’t want a digital footprint but still want to stay connected?

Do you know a way?

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