Weekend Projects

If you search Wikipedia, you will find the definition of hydroponics as a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent. My cousin brother’s recent inclination towards growing rare plants hydroponically got me curious as to what this field is all about. Is it close to growing organic fruits and vegetables or synthetically produced meat?

To find out more my father and I visited him and were excited to see his prototype. He had grown lettuce (romaine and iceberg), tomatoes, mint, coriander, parsley, capsicum and even strawberries in his patio. His customized irrigation system could manage both the speed and frequency of water being administered. The seeds had germinated and some plants had fruits too.

It was a delight to watch his garden.

There was one thing though that bothered him the most- some plants were not growing to maturity. He was worried if there is a nutrient that he might have missed out.  Since this is his first experiment, we encouraged him to study and contact as many people as possible before plunging into commercialization.

I was wondering, if I could grow some of the plants in my home hydroponically too. Perhaps the mint, curry, coriander and parsley leaves. Maybe celery too.

Do you have experience in kitchen gardening? What about hydroponics? Do you buy the nutrients or prepare them yourself at home?


Special Thanks to @Angad Singh



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