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pexels-photo-273011The month of December brings in the cheer of the holidays and the craze to buy next year calendar. Often times I have researched the web for several prints ranging from flora to fauna, wildlife to pets, anime to supermodels, yet the simplicity of plain calendar with 2×2 inch square boxes for each date of the month and sufficient space to scribble the tasks lands on my bedroom wall.

This year I have decided to challenge myself to do more than just paste the vanilla version of the calendar. I want to brighten up the white wall with happy colors. Perhaps paint some cartoon characters along each month or paint some flowers or use trinkets and photographs from memorabilia. It must be fun to use the glue gun after all these years.

Project Calendar.

I need a plan to get it all up and ready by January. I can bear with a bit of delay, but not too much, to land in February. So I marked January 15th to be the target day. Three weeks came as a relief and manageable timeline. Next, a list. List of all the things I need up on that wall and sufficient supplies to hold them together. Glue, tapes, charts, scissors, cutters, crayons, glitters and polystyrene. That should be sufficient I thought. But, what about all the pictures I might want to add? This was harder than I had imagined.

A couple of years ago I had painted a giant tree and its leaves represented months of the calendar. I had thrown in some colored leaves to capture my vacation memories. Perhaps a simple theme with possibility of extension would be a great idea.

For this year I could paint a bouquet of flowers, basket of fruits, milky way galaxy, dragon boat, book shelf or maybe arrange different colored origami sheets to create a new pattern. Voila! Origami sheets! I loved the idea. It was simple, colorful and elegant. Moreover, I could learn a bit of origami and paste it along the way. I added origami sheets to my list.

I had the theme in place, the list of supplies, location and contact details of stationery shops and the target date. It was time to set the Budget aside. Origami sheets might not come cheap, but colored charts and gift wrapping paper might be. I added them to my list.

One week from now I set the date in my calendar to check out stationery shops, purchase the supplies and note down the price of Origami sheets. Two weeks from now I set the date to purchase origami sheets and print out the vanilla calendar. It will be a new year around that time and I will have ample of time to arrange and come up with a pattern for my wall.

Yes! The plan is ready!

Although I will complete my project in three weeks from now, I am convinced that the mere initiation and planning has filled me with joy. And I am planning to be patient and extract as much happiness as possible from every exercise I execute in the upcoming weeks.

I am wondering if some of you also engage in such projects. Do you?

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